Nature Trail

Cannon Beach Nature Trail. A quiet trail that goes through a variety of environments.
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North End

Beach access, surfing, whale watching, and fantastic sunsets -- that's what the upper North End offers.
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North End - City Park & Dunes

The North End along Ecola Creek has a beautiful park and access to the sand dunes north of the creek.
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James Madison City Park

A small, little used park hidden in a residential area of Cannon Beach .
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Haystack Hill State Park

An undeveloped State Park totally within the city limits.
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Questions Answered

Where are the beach wheelchairs? Where are the restrooms? Where is Haystack Rock? And other common questions.
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Of course, there are times when you may not wish to avoid the crowds. There are reasons why people gather at certain places. If you want a spectacular sunset photo, then one location you may want to be at is on the beach near Haystack rock. End even if it is crowded, you can still get an outstanding photo. For Haystack Rock photos online, go to: Haystack Rock Photos. To purchase professional photos of Haystack Rock visit Gary's Service station in downtown Cannon Beach.

The Deep Woods Getaway - Rarely Visted Hiking Trails

There are some hiking trails in Cannon Beach that even most local people do not know about. They are in the Ecola Creek Forest Reserve, located on the east side of Cannon Beach. (Note: the Forest Reserve may be closed at times of high fire danger in the summer.)