The Most Common Question...

Where Is HayStack Rock?

One of the most often asked questions in Cannon Beach is, "Where is Haystack Rock." The locals will usually smile slightly, point, and say, "It's that big rock right over there."

Haystack Rock is easy to find from anywhere in Cannon Beach. Just walk west, find an access to the beach, and walk onto the beach. First look south. If you don't see it, then look north. You will see it. It is the big rock shaped like a pointy haystack, located at the water's edge. How close it is to the water's edge depends on whether the tide is in or out.

If you'd like to see what to look for, tap here for pictures of Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock is 235 foot tall rock called a sea stack. It is one of 15 rocks in the U.S. named Haystack Rock, with six of them being in Oregon. However, this is the most famous of the Haystack Rocks because of its large size and beautiful location in Cannon Beach. The Rock is made from basalt (lava) that came from massive lava flows to the east of here. It was once connected to the coastline, but erosion has separated it from the coast. The rock spires to the south of Haystack Rock are called "The Needles." Be careful! There is a strong rip tide on the south side of The Needles. Surfers sometimes use this rip tide to carry them out to the where the waves are good. But, watch out for the whirlpool the sometimes forms just beyond The Needles. In other words, if you don't know what you are doing, don't go into the water here.

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