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Welcome to the Haystack Rock web site.

God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day. - Genesis 1:31

The Many Moods of Haystack Rock

We've made this web site is to showcase God's glory through photos of Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock and the nearby beach. And we'd like to help you enjoy your visit to Cannon Beach by providing lots of information about "The Rock" and the life that surrounds it, and also give you some tips for getting a good photograph of Haystack Rock. Plus, you'll find this web site to be packed with Haystack Rock photos, showing the many moods of the beach and Haystack Rock.

Our contact info: cbBibleChurch@gmail.com

Haystack Rock, along with The Needles, are in Cannon Beach, Oregon 97110. When visting Haystack Rock, the best place to park is in the Municipal parking lot located at the corner of Hemlock and Gower streets. See the links below for other parking spots and places to go to photograph the rock.

Do you have photos of Haystack Rock? Send us your photos and, if they are interesting, we'll post them on this web site. In particular we are looking for photos showing Haystack Rock interacting with people, or with wildlife. In addition, historical photos showing Haystack Rock as it was originally forming, or as the surrounding material washed away, are also highly desirable.

If you have a story about Haystack Rock or your visit to Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock, please send it to us. We'd love to add your story to this web site.

The following are LINKS to information About Haystack Rock and How To Best Photograph The "Rock"

Haystack Rock Fly Around

What does the back side of Haystack Rock look like?

Then the Lord God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it. -- Genesis 2:15

God has given mankind a commission to use and care for the earth. This means that we do not do things that harm the environment or wildlife just for our pleasure. The filming of this Haystack fly-around was done at a time of year, and in a way such that there was no harm done. Filming was done in the winter when there were no birds nesting on the rock. The lighting would have been much better, and would have been on all sides of the rock at noon in June, but that's also when there are birds on the rock. In addition, the drone was kept a significant distance away from the rock and a very high resolution camera was used. This provided the option for optical zooming, while staying a long distance from the rock.