James Madison City Park

Quiet and Relaxing

James Madison City Park

Located at the intersection of East Madison and South Spruce street, James Madison city park is hidden away in the presidential streets south of downtown Cannon Beach. This small, triangular-shaped park includes several picnic tables, and sometimes a few elk.

James Madison City Park

Following a winter's rain this park can be a little soggy. But, during the summer it is a wonderful get-away for a family picnic. It provides a comfortable place to eat along with room for small kids to run and play.

This is also a good location for reading, but plan on bringing your own folding lounge chair. You can read at one of the picnic tables, but after awhile the bench begins to feel hard.

There will be some foot and vehicle traffic passing the park on Spruce street. The speed limit of 10 mph seems to be understood as just a suggestion by many drivers, but still the traffic is generally quiet.

This park is shady, so a jacket may be welcome even on a warm day.

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