Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock

Cannon Beach

There are stores, and fine restaurants, and outstanding hotels. A beautiful beach and wooded hiking trails. But the most popular attraction in Cannon Beach is Haystack Rock.

Haystack Rock

HayStack Rock

Parking and Access

Where are the best places park? Where can you park on crowded weekends. How do you get to Haystack Rock?

Haystack Rock Sunset


Haystack Rock

When is the best time to photograph Haystack Rock? Where are the best locations?

Haystack Rock: What You Need To Know


Parking during the tourist season can be difficult. Here are some tips to help find a parking spot.

Rock Photography

When are the best times and where are the best locations to photograph Haystack Rock.

Spotting the Puffins

The Rock is impressive, but it is also surrounded by life. Do you know where to look for Tufted Puffins?

But, this is the most important fact everyone needs to know:

Haystack Rock is a volcanic monolith. "The Rock," as it is known locally, appears to be rock solid. But, HayStack Rock is gradually eroding into the sea. It will not last forever. However, there is something that will last forever... you. The question is, will you be with God or separated from God? This is important because everything good comes from God (www.AJ83.com/good). So without God you have nothing good. Think about what that means. Now the BIG question: who spends eternity with God? The answer: those who are perfect. Are you perfect? Here's a quick test: Ever told a lie? Have you ever taken something that does not belong to you? Have you murdered anyone? Jesus said that if you've been angry at someone, maybe called them fool, you have murdered them in your heart (Matthew 5:22). These are just three of the Ten Commandments. You are not perfect. Romans 3:23 reveals the truth: "For all have sinned" [broken God's laws]. Romans 6:23 reveals the consequences: "the wages of sin is death."

But Jesus paid the penalty you've earned for breaking God's laws "while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8) Repent (turn away from sin). Trust this is true and God will give you new life. You will be free from the penalty for sin and will be with God for eternity.   ...more

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God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day. - Genesis 1:31

The Many Moods of Haystack Rock

We've made this web site is to showcase God's glory through photos of Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock and the nearby beach. And we'd like to help you enjoy your visit to Cannon Beach by providing lots of information about "The Rock" and the life that surrounds it, and also give you some tips for getting a good photograph of Haystack Rock. Plus, you'll find this web site to be packed with Haystack Rock photos, showing the many moods of the beach and Haystack Rock.

Haystack Rock, along with The Needles, are on the Oregon North Coast in Cannon Beach (97110). When visiting Haystack Rock the best place to park is in the Municipal parking lot located at the corner of Hemlock and Gower streets. Use the link above for other parking spots and places to go to photograph the rock.

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YouTube: Haystack Rock Fly Around

What does the back side of Haystack Rock look like?

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